San Rafael del Norte presentation!

I have made the first decent presentation of San Rafael del Norte in the Jinotega province and posted it on youtube for everyone to enjoy. For me this is the most desirable place to live, comfortable temperatures and no car alarms! ( or very damm few!) I know many people have not made it up there to see first hand so now is your opportunity! San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua

Leon presentation!

After a recent visit to Leon I was so impressed I made one of my youtube presentations. The colonial beauty of this city amazed me, I like it more than Granada and it is so close to the ocean! This is the best presentaiton you will find on the web, Leon, Nicaragua (cut and paste if the link does not work from here for you)

Thousands of dollars in metal grove (the "trees of life" in Managua)

I recently posted a translation of an article from La Confidencial that set out to find the story on all the IMO ugly "trees of life" that are downtown on Avenida Bolivar and in all of the roundabouts. I had heard a rumor that they cost at least $20,000 USD EACH. This article verifies that figure and more...

English <==> Spanish crossword puzzles

This morning Ana was doing a crossword puzzle in Spanish from some magazine. I had this idea: a crossword puzzle where the what it is text is in one language and the puzzle itself is in another. So, I made one for Ana where the list of words/descriptions are in Spanish but she needs to fill in the puzzle in English.

It appears to be a success. For NL members, going the other way probably makes more sense unless they happen to have a Spanish-speaking spouse as I do. If anyone is interested, we could share the puzzles we create.

Watching Cuba

I watched Nicaragua try to cope with being a pawn in the Cold War in the 1980s. During that time the losers were the people of Nicaragua. The Ronald Reagan side will say "we beat back Communism" and the other side will say "we killed Nicaragua's change to be independent". But, independent of the side, you will all see how the average Nicaraguan was the loser.

mental drippings from the end of 2013

The cassette tape still played OK. It was recorded nigh on 24 years ago, the whole album, directly off the FM. WETS - E.T. State University radio, without commercial or editorial interruption. Kris Kristofferson's "Third World Warrior." Kris(squared) was an item then, a star in what seemed, relatively, more 'liberal' times. 'Entertainment' shocked us with 'news'; there were books & movies about Nicaragua & the Sandinistas, Allende's Chile, El Salvador, Honduras and, of course, America's C.I.A., the central mover & shaker.

Fuel Up

Last week’s official fuel price increase means that Nicaragua now has the highest price for a gallon of fuel in Central America.

The official price of a gallon of premium gasoline is now US$ 5.48 (or 13 cents more than second place Costa Rica who normally lead the way as the most expensive).

Regular gasoline is US$ 5.10 a gallon.

However, at US$4.68 a gallon, diesel is 10 cents cheaper here than the US$ 4.78 a gallon they charge in Costa Rica.

In CR, the fuel prices are state regulated and prices change only once per month.

Our three day sojourn to the mountains

It was pleasantly chilly, jacket weather at nite, with a rare cloud burst breaking up bright sunny days. Matagalpa is pretty big with an active few blocks of holiday shoppers downtown between two garden parks. There are a couple nice nite spots and some good, inexpensive hotels. Our place had a spectacular 360-rooftop-view of this city nestled in the mountains. I highly recommend it, el Hotel Mana del Cielo. Very neat, clean & bright rooms, with wi-fi, TV & hot shower; a double was $32. All hotels charge per person; kids cost.

Would a canal-free canal project be bad?

Here and in so many other places, the pluses and minuses of the Nicaragua canal project get discussed. One recent concern is what if the canal itself doesn't get built but Nicaragua is taken advantage of by the concessions granted and the fact that the support projects can be built without actually building the canal. Well, what if that happens?

Why bacon?

Years ago, Gixia and I were talking with Jinotega Tony about breakfast for old Gringos and he said a reguirement was bacon. Bacon as imported from the US. Now KWP is talking about bringing bacon down from the US. I believe someone else recently mentioned bacon.

While bacon has not been on my menu for going on 40 years this is not a criticism of eating meat, it is with the fasination of US-made bacon.

New Customs Form

As of January 1st 2014, persons leaving Nicaragua must complete an extra customs declaration form to meet the requirement of the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF by its acronym in Spanish).

Already in use in other countries, the new measure asks questions such as; are you traveling with more than $10,000 in cash?

It was scheduled to be implemented today but the Directorate General of Customs, DGA, changed the date at the last minute without explaining why.

Bank guards in Nicaragua

Has anyone ever wondered why they put guards 'outside' the banks at night? Most of these guards couldn't stop an angry goat, let alone some gang members from doing him in in a heartbeat. It seems like these fools are sitting ducks, standing around playing with their cell phones and not really paying much attention. The banks are putting their lives at risk for what 5000 cord a month! Why aren't they 'inside' the bank? The ones in the day with a metal detector aren't really much either....

Huehuete - Local life competes with tourism plans.

On this occasion, maybe the increase in tourism activity might stop the activity of the fishermen using dynamite to stun or kill the fish and every other living creature in earshot.

Former Pastor Turns Himself in Upon Return From Mission Work in Nicaragua

Robert "Bobby" Bradley Price, 46, is charged with five counts of indecent liberties with a child in Mecklenburg County and several other charges in Cabarrus County, according to records.

Foreign-owned businesses

Is it a good thing that foreign-owned busineses are moving in? When we are talking about Nicaragua, many if not most NL readers seem to think it is a good thing. Would you feel the same if this was taking place in the US rather than Nicaragua?

An article in Blacklisted News will give you a chance to find out. It is about how China is buying up domestic US businesses.

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