Revisiting Nicaragua, This Time as a Tourist –

Interesting article about a former “sandalista” who came down in the mid-1980s during the Contra War to see what Nicaragua was like in the present day.

Here's What you're not going to do

This is hillarious, poor misguided gringo lol. Good advertisement for the Rainforest alliance though.

Economic growth, a personal perspective

When I first visited & fell in love in Nicaragua, I didn't know who was president, nor did I care to know. Love conquers all, they say. Before my second trip back, with Daniel & the FSLN elected, my sweetheart asked me if I was allowed to return - sure, why not?

Cigars in Granada

There are only 5 places in Granada where real Nicaraguan Cigars can be purchased and enjoyed:

ArtesaNic Mombacho Cigars CIUDAD LOUNGE Doña Elba Cigars (No website, but Ask Anyone). PUEBLO Restaurant & Cigar Lounge

Everything else is either counterfeit, terrible quality or both.

Cigars can also be purchased on the 2nd level of the airport in Managua, at your departure from Nicaragua, although the selection is limited and a little tiny bit more expensive.

Relocation to Nicaragua on a Shoestring Budget: Fact or Fiction?

Goals, Aspirations, and Dreams vs. Truth, Reality, and Fact

MY OPINION: First in a Series

The difference between aspiring to move to Nicaragua and the actuality of moving to Nicaragua.

Kinda like the title people actually move to a place like Nicaragua and just make it work somehow without a lot of money to invest?

Journalistic Independence

(Apparently) Glenn Greenwald just got labeled as a shill for Pierre Omidyar. While it is laughable he did just write a response in The Intercept.

If you question Greenwald's integrity or The Intercept's independence, it is a much read. But it is also much more. It explains the difference between a publisher with an agenda (e.g., Fox News) and real Journalistic Independence.

Directory of volunteer opportunities in Nicaragua

Originally posted in Nicaragua Dispatch.

I get a lot of questions about volunteering in Nicaragua, especially if one only has a day or even just a morning or afternoon to volunteer, I usually suggest that a donation of some sort is in order. Included in the blog post are some answers to the "What to bring?" question.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

“Best Cities to Live in Nicaragua” A note on the process of discovering your best place in Nicaragua

Does a beachfront location beat out every other consideration? Think it through!

A sort of contest where you don't actually win anything except bragging rights, but click through and comment on where do you think using this example, folks would possibly find their "perfect Nicaragua"? (notice quote-unquote!)

Best Cities to Live in Nicaragua

First in a series if I get some positive feedback...this post sets the groundwork on some of the considerations to think of when trying to decide "where" once you've decided on "there" being Nicaragua...enjoy and comments most definitely welcome!

Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde

"The Real Estate Business in Nicaragua is not Regulated, Right?"

As Snopes would say; “Partly true”. There certainly is legislation on the books (and comprehensive legislation it is too!).

Law 602 – Nicaraguan Real Estate Brokerage Law (Ley de Correduría de Bienes Raíces de Nicaragua). However; even though it was published in 2007 in “La Gaceta”, the official government publication that normally makes a law “In effect”, currently the law remains inactive.

At the Post Office today

I had a package and B&H had done its usual business of having one weight on the invoice and another weight when Correos weighed the package. First, was I bringing in this stuff to resell. We had a couple of permutations of that question and I explained that no, these were adaptadores for two different camera systems, and that when I bought stuff, I tended to add a towel for cleaning lenses and a SD card. So, instead of a bill for this order, I simply have to check to make sure everything is there and sign off on a couple of forms.

20 reasons to fall in love with Leon, Nicaragua | Voxxi

20 reasons to fall in love with Leon, Nicaragua | Voxxi

For your next vacation spot, we suggest visiting Nicaragua, one of the safest countries of Latin America. Specifically one of its two colonial cities, Leon.

Known as “La Ciudad Universitaria,” because it is home to the best universities in the country, Leon is a beautiful place due to its history, culture and lifestyle.

Take it from me. Leon, Nicaragua has been my home away from home since 1989. Here are 20 reasons to fall in love with Leon

Narcos and Rainforest Destruction

This is a blog entry, not a forum post because what I have to say is about a marketing campaign rather that the reality on the ground in Central America. That is not to say this is not a problem but it really is a side issue rather than the real problem.


Stumbled upon this - Looks like hours of fun for Key West and the like.

Huge New Attraction in Esteli

Yes folks, Burger King has arrived.

"Now estelianos can now enjoy varied from breakfast, lunch and dinner, the unique style of Burger King menu".

"For the more discerning palate there is a line of premium burgers".

There are also combos for kids and who could not miss the traditional Whopper, the flagship product of the company....known worldwide.

Burger King is known for offering its customers "Rico" products, of high quality and freshness...

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