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A while back, I was interviewed as part of a story on medical tourism in Nicaragua. It is a fairly good introduction to the subject.

Digging Up North

Top Iran-Contra figure Oliver North filled in details of story

7.5 Quake in Mexico

Could be bad, was a shallow quake and close to major tourist destinations, might be bad.

1972 Managua Fault Line "La Falla del Estadio" is showing Activity...

"Reported an earthquake that is particularly worrying and we wanted to share the information with you all responsibly. An earthquake of 2.2 (degrees) 8 km deep and 2 miles Plaza de Fe/Port Salvador Allende"

Lynnfield Native Missing in Nicaragua

..."A farmer told investigators he saw Colclough walking in a cane field a couple of hours after she left the resort"...

Key Wests Favorite Hang Out

Trustworthy answers to what is it like to drive in Managua, Nicaragua and thousands of other topics, provided by a diversified..

...a diversified group of experts.

So this post is about a new-to-me website that purports to offer "trustworthy answers to what it is like to drive in Managua..." amongst other topics that might be of interest. They have some good content; for example, a sort of decision tree that is pretty helpful to figure out where in Nicaragua you might want to live.

Anyway, here is my answer to a question about traffic in Managua:

An interesting site, I stumbled across doing some research into...

Nicaragua - After all the investment in infrastructure etc., why is tourism going backwards in $, forward in numbers and can Nicaragua continue to be the Walmart of the region. As a sector, we are making the same money we were 8 years ago ($80 per day then on 650,00 people compared to $40 per day now for 1.2 million people).

That's a negative growth rate when you consider the investment costs, increases in labor, electricity, food costs and taxes, to name but a few line entries. Add in the "Party has moved" fickleness of the customer and its depressing.

Tiangue de Monimbó, a great place to eat traditional Nicaraguan food in Masaya

Anyone here eaten at el Tiangue in Masaya? It was re-done a couple of years ago and is a nice clean place to eat excellent fritanga with some specialties that most of the neighborhood places don't offer. Super tasty food at economical prices. I've started taking visitors there after touring the volcano and the artisan's market. Great place for a snack and introduction to Nicaraguan food.

Small Hive Beetle Alert

In the municipality of San Juan del Sur, an apiary of 18 hives has been affected by infestation with Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle). Out of 18 hives tested, 17 were positive to adult as well as two larvae of small hive beetles. The beekeepers determined that the hives were weaker and they suspected that this was caused by the presence of the small hive beetle.

What is the OIE?

US government humor

Yeah, nothing to do with Nicaragua but it is hard to pass up.

From End the Lie, $6 bn worth of contracts misplaced by State Department.

In one instance, the State Department could not locate files regarding payments to contractors assisting US military forces in Iraq. That incident, one of the “repeated examples of poor contract file administration,” according to the inspector general, included contracts worth $2.1 billion.

It has finally happend

Here you go. A link from me to FOX news. Indirect because I saw it on Activist Post but all it is is a video of a FOX news segment.

Hydroponic and nursery material for sale.

Taking different direction.

Have vermiculite - perlite, a lot from Shundler NJ.Hard to fine in CA - half price of NJ - read up on it.Bring sacks.

6.000 clay pots - hundreds if not thousands of pro pvc nursery pots, naturally reusable.Many sizes

Some shade cloth, warranty on this one, just the best.

Plus a lot more.

Why Medicare Won’t Cover You Overseas – US News

I'll cut to the chase for you...If you need expat health insurance (my understanding is), you can buy overseas insurance in your home country (which probably is not cheap), you can enroll in one of the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas discount clubs (which isn’t really an insurance), or, when you have residency in Nicaragua, you can buy local insurance. See my post for links.

Fear of physical violence

In our discussions on the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, I mentioned the current stat, that there "a person is murdered every 21 minutes." (Wiki, "Venezuela is among the most violent places on Earth.")

You, reader, probably don't fear physical violence everyday - unless you live in a bad area, where rents are dirt cheap, or are homeless (with i-Pad?).

Nicaragua is pretty safe, with its female-led police force and its growing abundance that doesn't just trickle down to the poor, but is being shoved their way, politically.

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