Is privatiization a good thing?

The article I just read is about privatization in the US but it is the typical IMF approach to fix the economies of countries such as Nicaragua. Various countries (Bolivia, for example) have resisted. What is reality?

The article titled 5 ways privatization is fleecing American taxpayers shows some examples of how privatization has been a huge mistake.

Spying is OK until it hurts business

The most recent fallout from Greenwald's No Place to Hide is that tech companies are starting to complain to the Obama administration. The first two are Cisco and FaceBook. Why? Because revelations about NSA activity (e.g., NSA adding backdoors to Cisco products without Cisco's knowledge) hurts business.

Attorney recommendation

Can anyone recommend an attorney willing and able to effectively assist with a property fraud case between United States citizens in Nicaragua?

Couple of cool ones from the Mex Files

World drinking patterns, first the Russians and then the Canadians, South Africans, and Australians, but Canadians less likely to be problem drinkers than South Africans. Nicaragua over-all drinks less than the US, but is more likely to have problem drinking, but not at Guatemalan levels. Russia is the world champion for risky drinking patterns.

Viva Cuba! Viva Castro! Viva Key Wet Pilates!

Worth watching the first couple of minutes just for the cars going by

Foreigners "trapped" in San Juan del Sur

From El Nuevo Diario, a story on four entrepreneurs who have opened up businesses in SJdS. Among them the lovely Kelly Ann Thomas! The most interesting thing for me is the comments on the El Nuevo Diario website and Kelly Ann's kickass response to an ignorant person there "NICA."


The photo is from a recent tweet forwarded by a vet.

Someone (possibly Paul Craig Roberts) recently said that the US getting involved in the Russia-Ukraine thing would be like Russia getting involved in the US-Puerto Rico independence movement thing. Yet, we continue to hear BS from John Kerry and such.

The NSA/tech industry relationship

Was Google et al, just doing what they had to do? Or, was there a cozy relationship going on?

AlJazeera's investigation reveals that cozy is probably the appropriate word, at least with Google.

MayOne PAC

Today, this has nothing to do with Nicaragua but, someday, it could. Lawrence Lessig is trying to get control of the government back into the hands of the people. That means US national government, state government, ... His idea is to start a Political Action Committee that represents people rather than corporations, special interest groups.

If you are interested, check out They started on 1 May and have already raised almost $400,000. It seems like grassroots politics at its best.

The Good and Bad About Retiring in Nicaragua

So what is the good and bad about retiring in Nicaragua? Let’s start with a few common topic areas and see how far we get in helping you to determine whether Nicaragua might be a good place for you.

Just some random thoughts on what seems to be some of the good things and the not-so-good things about retiring in Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Tails 1.0 is out

Maybe that's a bad title as those who need it probably don't know what it is. How about "work securely on-line"?

Tails is a bootable image (ISO image) that you can put on a CD or USB stick to use when you want to be on-line and secure. Perfect for use in an Internet cafe or on someone else's computer as it runs off the ISO image and does not touch the hard disk.

In any case, if you want to know more or grab it, go to the Tor project blog for details.

Why Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman Are Flocking to Nicaragua for Getaways – The Hollywood Reporter

I posted this link on Facebook and got a comment from someone saying why should I (or anyone, presumably…) care about what Hollywood types think or bother to pay attention to as Nicaragua would be better served attracting middle-class North Americans to visit the country instead of these “Hollywood liberals.”

My response was:

How Facelifts Could Fuel Nicaragua’s Economy | Fronteras Desk

A while back, I was interviewed as part of a story on medical tourism in Nicaragua. It is a fairly good introduction to the subject.

Digging Up North

Top Iran-Contra figure Oliver North filled in details of story

7.5 Quake in Mexico

Could be bad, was a shallow quake and close to major tourist destinations, might be bad.

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