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Getting a Nica Drivers License, April 2009

I went to the Esteli branch office of the Transit Police to get a driver´s license. This is what worked for me in April of 2009 and should work elsewhere in the country. I´m giving the details because they varied slightly from both the National Police website and what was posted on the board at Transito.

The good news is that a foreign resident with a valid foreign license does not have to take either the written exam or the road test. 2 different people in Transito reminded me that I did not need a Nic. License because my foreign one is good till it expires.

Construction notes continued

1. Metal gauge. This is a real confusion factor, especially because all ferreterrias don’t stock all thicknesses and don’t use the same names. Zinc roofing is an example. Lengthwise it’s measured in feet, but the thickness varies. 26 gauge is the best residential style thickness, followed by 28 gauge. ‘28 metric” is thin stuff and ‘commercial’ is paper-thin. Most sheets come labeled by the factory and you can test the strength by slightly bending on a corner.

Construction info

I have posted numerous fotos under Ësteli/Esteli construction¨¨ which may be of interest to anyone new to local construction methods. I also have an article there ¨¨some construction notes¨¨ which I add to periodically and will eventually move to this location to keep better track of it.

Nicaragua not ready for pensionados, part 3

Note: this post is from 2008. since then Intur has gotten thru a new law. from what I have seen, the dollar limits are much better if you are going to bring in a bunch of stuff but I don't know it the procedures have changed. Intur did provide a checklist of stuff that almost worked and may be worth a visit now that they have gained more experience. See posts from Paul Tiffer on the new law.


The 2 year mark

The 2 year mark.

2 years have come and gone. It´s time to sum up.

First. I like the country. The weather and the scenery are fine outside of the urban areas. The cloud forest at about 1300 meters is just my kind of place, with an occasional trip to Rio San Juan for a change of pace..

Nic not ready for pensionados, part 2

Some new insights.

Hong Kong. 1971

One of my memories of my brief R&R visit to Hong Kong was the surprize in going into Mainland owned businesses and banks and seeinf big posters of Chairman Mao and the everpresent squeaky-woman voice of Radio Peking giving me the lates word of the Chairman.

Esteli reminds me of Honk Kong, only its´s not the chairman: it´s evangelical Christianity.

Nicaragua not ready for pensionados

Well, decided to call the Nic Consulate in L.A. to see where my long lost paperwork is. Checked their official website for the phone numbers. 213-252 1170 is the private line of a man who very muches wishes that people would stop calling him looking for the Nic. Consulate. 213- 252 1171 is ¨out of service¨¨ 213- 252 1174 ¨no existe¨

Esteli walking tour, part 2

Esteli´s claim to fame among foreigners has traditionally been the Spanish schools, working on aid projects, and getting a glimpse of the Revolution. These things will probably continue to draw foreigners to the area for short visits, as will proximity to the nature reserves at Tisey and Miraflor.

Well, its that time again

—my 90 days are up. Time to give Costa Rica some money.

Some perspective and wisdom on crime

in Latin America.

Like my momma used to say ¨Life´s a bitch and then you die¨, but you can improve the process a little by paying attention to articles like this.

1 year mark

Well, I’ve been in Nicaragua a year, minus my numerous vacations and mini-vacations. It’s time to sum up.

Walking tour of San Jose

I’m not a fan of big cities in general, but San Jose CR is one of the exceptions. In Central America, it is the only truly pleasurable capital city to walk around in. I don’t know what to compare it to in the States, because I’m not well traveled in the States, but Santa Barbara and the Balboa Park/Old Town area of San Diego come to mind.

National Museum/Palacio Nacional

The National Museum is located in the old city center, just southwest of the ruins of the old cathedral. It contains geography, archeology, and history displays in the classy old Congress building built around 1935. The building contains murals and gardens and is definitely worth a stop if you are interested in such things.

Healthy Eating in Nicaragua

First off, the scope of this article is to discuss what is generally called heart healthy or low-fat cooking. Avoiding food-born disease, pesticide residue, and vegetarian cooking are different issues not covered here

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