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Nothing to do with Nica, but an insight into human motivation

When I read this article... for some reason it reminded me of the discourse on this site. It's about US politics Red vs Blue states.. .IIt explains why some folks in those states are Red and some are Blue, but the human motivation part is at least applicable to any nation.


MIL Going Back Home

It's been awhile since I did my blog, but I didn't get a chance to go down to Nica at all this year like we planned. Our trip had been postponed to January 2013, due to a death in my family diverting us to Texas.

Since we didn't go down, we flew the MIL up to America to spend a few months with her daughter, her favorite SIL :), and two her many grand-kids.

Red Velvet cake

All of these recent postings about socialism and color revolutions, has reminded me of a much lighter and more pressing resolvable dilemma.. Red velvet cake.

Recently I've been learning baking, and I can make a really good red velvet cake. Okay, at least the wife says I do... but she loves me and wants me more involved in the kitchen. Here in Mass. I have all the right ingredients from the local supermarket that fill the bill for the recipe.

Flights to Nica

\With American Airlines in bankruptcy proceedings, they no longer fly to Nica

Continental, United, and Taca fly to Nica (MGA) from America.

Taca requires switching airlines, getting our bags from the plan, and going back through customs with our bags, which is not a real option unless the price is lower.

SunShade or pool shade

The in-laws are saying the sun is just to hot in the pool, and they don't want to get any darker. That's never been my concern as I just turn red and peel, so I always found that to be an odd sentiment. If you don't understand that I won't explain, but it's out there.

I suggested sunscreen, as I have to liberally apply it when in-country, but that option wasn't accepted. Sunscreen is pricey in Nica.

What I want is some type of sail-shade to stretch from the patio cross-beams to the wall opposite the pool. The shade would be temporary.

Goin' back to Nica!

Taking my family down to Nica this year to spend time with the family in Las Penitas. Goin' back to Nica, Nica... I really think so!

Us and about a few thousand of our other Victoria and rum drinking friends will be on the main street at night. I'll pull out the rockers for the family and sit on the side-walk with my Estili cigar and Coka lite and watch the parade of humanity! Can't wait to hear the Belgium Beat all night and to see the Tona girls at the police checkpoint.

Best of all my MIL will be making Gallo Pinto and paprika spiced pork and yucca.

Nov 6 2011

When we were in Nica, we passed out little gift during the Leon Gritteria that loosely translated said that we wished for peace during the elections. Quite frankly I don't really care who wins the election, just as long, as US/Nica relations allow for unimpeded visits with the family and ability to continue providing for our charitable causes there.

Grass (lawn that is...) Seed suppliers

Would like to get a groundcover in, because watching the SILs/espousa sweeping the porch every 10 minutes after the kids tracked all over it was really making me feel lazy for swinging in the hammock, so instead of sweeping - an engineering solution is needed.

Found one old posting referencing this, but it unfortunately didn't provide any answers.

The suggestion was to try the Sinsa (ferreterria), but it's not on their website.

Baño SOP

Okay.... my own experience is only limited to my family interaction, so a quick survey without being crude, but where do you deposit the toilet paper?

Don't know what this paper is made out of but I was told in the trash can to avoid clogging the sewer pipes.

Airport Customs

Trip into Nica (via A. Sandino Airport, Managua) late July 2011 was a new experience for me… In the past (about 4 years ago since last visit), customs would simply press a random color generator button, and if the lucky color came up you would pass by without any open baggage search. You handed in the customs declaration form and be on your way to be greeted by throngs of tip mongering bag-handlers.

Post Griterías After Action Review

My wife had such fond memories of this event that made it sound like Xmas carolers coming around to each house and entertaining us for a treat while basking in the Christianity and solidarity of the celebration. Even with my limited Nica experience, I should have been street smart enough to know better, but I'm from the suburbs where that level of toughness isn't needed very often.

Going back to Leon next week for the Grittria

Back in Nica next week for Leon's Grittria. We are bringing all kinds of trinkets with us to give away. The wife is putting some stickers on them with a religious saying for peace during the elections. It should be an interesting holiday to see. We'll also take our girls out to do some "shouting" and collect stuff.

Also spending some days in Las Penitas, swimming, and spending time with the family.

Learned our lesson from last visit to las penitas power-outages: Bringing extra matches and candles, flashlights, lanterns, and solar powered lights.

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