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Ortega support China and Russia on Position about Siria

What does it mean? At least he is consistent in his support for strange causes like Whaling, Iran, now Siria, etc.

In other news: I do not really think he knows what the revolution in Iran was all about? Now, most Iranians i know reminisce about the times of the Shah.

Reminds me of the "Contrary" in Little Big Man movie.

This an example of many confiscations

This one made the news paper: But there are many on a smaller scale that occur but are not reported. some can argue that people get indemnification for their land, but the real issue is that the value of the land is determined by "them" and paid in Bonds which are worth 20 cents on the dollar. Also the fact is that you have to fight to get your rights, and there is not compensation for the money spent trying to get your rights.

Viva la revolucion y En todo manera - nuestro comandante lo hace todo por el bien del pueblo.....

NICARAGUA = Mohammed's Paradise.

In response to jesus arm wrestling Image :-)

Now you know why I am here :-)

NICARAGUA was called by its Spanish conquerors Mohammed's Paradise. It was a land where the native lived without toil -- a land of eternal Summer, ...'s+Paradise&source=bl&ots=WA5-vZ8ZG2&sig=AefiIk1YBBNTojOg3BATf8vUckE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=AaoMT-yeCsi2twe069i5BQ&ved=0CDIQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=nicaragua%20Mohammed's%20Paradise&f=false

A bit of Culture and 5 Languages in 1 Conversation

Today i went to havea coffee in El Chocollito park in Jinotepe. I was with my friend Michel who is Swiss - the French type. We were talking when I heard someone speaking a familiar language - Arabic! True enough they were 2 Arabs sitting drinking coffee and talking. They joined us, and the conversation went from Arabic, to French, to Spanish to English with a little of Berber, and finally some Italian mixed in when our friend Fausto - the Italian - came to have his coffee.

It felt good.

Jinotepe Rocks! (the Toronto of Nicaragua - well, ok, not quite)

Car insurance in Nicaragua

This is in response to some Car insurance comments made here:

Water Bill problems

my water bill was consistently 200 to 300 Cords per month (with many people living there), the maximum was 350 cords. Last month the water bill came to 2700 and some cords, and this month 3120 cords! My visinos on either side pay about 150 cords a month. They came to check and recheck for leaks, etc. but they keep the bill as it is. I guess they figured out that there is a Gringo living there so they can charge more? I just cannot see any other logic for this. Anyone else with similar problems?

A Question for Paul Tiffer

about Ley 431: Art. 141:

I could have sworn that back 2005 the word ciudadano was actually persona!

I just reread a new print of the law and it says ciudadano.

when did it change. I used this print of the law as a reference many times.

Or maybe it was the constitution where it said that all foreigners have the same right as nicaraguans except to carry arms and vote.

But if the last statement is true about the constitution: would that not be an unconstitutional article in the law 431?

Nica men, 3rd place in the Infidelity award!

according to this article, 77% of Nica Men are not faithful to their partners! I always thought Auto Motels are a Great Business! Fyl, Cool Top Auto Motel?

15.4 % reduction in Poverty In Nicaragua from 2005 to 2009!

According to this article: the poverty rates were reduced by 15.4% from 2005 to 2006. Extreme Poverty was reduced by 7.5%.

Impressive numbers and a great P.R. for the government.

A couple of things to point out:

Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca who is responsible and heads this study, was a candidate for President representing the FSLN in 2001 if i remember correctly.

From what i understood: The study represents an established group of families, not a random sampling, according to this:

Pega Blanca

I wanted to seal some Dry Wall I had recently installed. The Painter, who is a good friend of mine, proceeded to purchase Pega Blanca (Elmer;s Glue?) dilute it in water and then paint the whole dry wall (and red bricks and exposed concrete) with it, before applying the latex paint. It did a really good job sealing everything and left a smooth ready for painting. On surfaces that not painted, the finish is, transparent, smooth and slightly shiny. 1 liter of Glue to 3 gallons of water.

An example of Nicaragua's "make due with what you have"

This is excerpt from the Nuevo Diario, regarding a robbery:

"Los peritos de la Quinta Delegación de Policía le realizaron las pruebas de producto nitrados a los detenidos para determinar quién disparó contra los bomberos."

In my book "Los peritos" = Dogs; or is it slang for crime scene technicians?

if it is dogs, I wonder how will dog tell them it is GSR or Cocaine or Crack or whatever? 1 bark = Gun powder, etc.

This also raises some other serious questions and issues.

Java Programmers

This is a desperate attempt at finding OK java programmers. Anyone living or visiting for an extended period who has Java programming experience, please contact me at The wages are not great, but Ok by Nica standards.

Pavos Real

I got this email below: Is this an an example of crazy pricing or are they worth the $2300 asking?


Estan en venta 3 bellos pavos reales un macho y dos hembras, Estan en buen estado. Estan siendo chequeados por un veterinario y tienen una dieta orientada por este. Son adultos y han tenido crias anteriormente. Una de las hembras se esta recuperando de un golpe en una de sus patas. Su plumaje esta en buenas condiciones. Se pide US 2,300 Dolares Americanos por los tres. Se escuchan propuestas. No se vende individualmente

Churches and Politics

It is very surprising the amount of politics that the Catholic Church is involved in. It is not only limited to the Catholic Church, other denominations are doing the same, albeit not so vocally as the Catholic Church. Also I have noticed that other denominations (at least in my bario) tend to be more leftists pushing for more social governments (i.e pro FSLN) Has anyone else noticed this?

Difference between Fans

Any one with opinions as to why some fans blow hot Air like the ones that are called High Velocity "Tornado" Air Circulator, others blow cooler air, like Sankey or the ones I have called Blizzard by Holmes (which I bought in the Oriental from a used imported goods store) The Homes ones are very small but man (or woman) do they blow hard cool air!

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