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I started this as a new thread (from the sick worker thread)

I like the term "Living Wage" that Daddy-Yo used.

I have said before on this site, if we are going to use the "Canasta Basica" as a family expense guide, then we should tie the wages to that.

Otherwise its meaningless and causes anger and resentment. On one page of LP or END it says a family of 3 adults and two kids needs 8,500 cords a month to LIVE and on the next page it gives the average minimum wage as 2,634 (7,902 if all 3 adults work).

So they are down 600 Cords even if they all work.

Local Politics - SJdS

Went to a great Town Hall Meeting at the Alcaldia today in SJdS. Usual few hundred came to watch, some trucked in from the Campo, all with an equal voice and a lot that used it.

Mayor Jorge Sanchez (FSLN) took notes on each question and after every 4 or 5, answered them. Honestly, clearly and to their face. It was great to see and hear.

A few told him that if he didn't fix things (e.g. the sewer problem in the downtown) then he would not get their vote. Right to his face, on the Mic.

He was empathetic and even though it is an ENACAL problem, he didn't just blank it.

Power “Price Freeze” ends May 1st

With May 1st looming, many electricity customers are wondering what the price increase will be as last years 6 month price freeze (that was decreed by the President of the Republic, Daniel Ortega) comes to an end. Ortega made the decision to freeze prices after an 18% increase in only a 4 month period last year.

6% is the figure being talked about, however some experts have mentioned up to 9%.

Interview with Dionisio Marenco, former Mayor of Managua - La Prensa


An ominous but not a surprise answer to the question of changes in government in Nicaragua or Venezuela:

(On a change in Venezuela) ......."Now, if you change the government in Venezuela, we'd get to a complicated problem because we do not know whether a new government will continue the line of President Chavez. Failure to follow this line, Nicaragua, in popular language, then yes we are F#$%&D."

Tecnosol SA Receives Renewable Energy Award

The World Economic Forum has recognized Tecnosol SA of Nicaragua for its work in the field of renewable energy. Tecnosol has worked in this area for 12 years and its projects are being implemented mainly in the rural areas of the country.

The award was presented by the Schwab Foundation from Switzerland, an organization affiliated with the World Economic Forum which seeks ways to promote social leaders in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.


A nice success story

SJdS - Semana Santa Visitor Numbers Way Down

Total People 2010: 43,697

Total People 2009: 85,525

(Only 51% of the level of visitation we had in 2009.)

Garbage Removed:

2010: 152 tons. 2009: 264 tons. (Seems to support the attendance figures!)

Preliminary data shows that The Plan cost 1,005,024.52 Córdoba’s (one million five thousand, twenty four Córdoba’s and fifty-two centables).

The main revenue results indicate that the total contribution to the Municipality in respect of income from/for The Plan amounted to 802,971.00 Cordobas.

¿Qué quiere el Tío Sam en Nicaragua?

What does Uncle Sam want in Nicaragua?

From today's La Prensa, Sunday 11th April In Spanish: http://www.laprensa.com.ni/2010/04/11/politica/21461

Or (US) Google 'La Prensa', click on 'Translate This Page' and find the edition for 11th April in the archives, under the horoscope. It translates well enough electronically.

No comment, just thought it was interesting enough to generate some debate.

Nicaragua and Belize make “the world’s 14 top retirement havens” in new book HOW TO RETIRE OVERSEAS

This is what Amazon says:

"Peddicord has more than twenty-five years of experience helping thousands of people successfully and happily relocate to the retirement of their dreams. From remote and relatively unknown havens like Nicaragua to well-traveled areas in Italy, How to Retire Overseas is the ultimate guide to retiring abroad."


Ortega fires Ruth Herrera from ENACAL...

Daniel Ortega may have made a popular decision for some.

He fired Ruth Herrera from her job as head of the Water Company.

END says workers at the company celebrated by launching bombas while she finished packing up her office.

The news was confirmed by General Secretary of the Independent Union of ENACAL workers.

Weather Story


"Fifty years ago, the world’s first weather satellite lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., and opened a new and exciting dimension in weather forecasting".

Tragic end to Semana Santa Concert Trip

At 4:30 this morning, a white Isuzu truck being driven by Juan Carlos Báez from Rivas was (over) loaded with passengers going home to Rivas after attending a concert by the Panamanian band ‘Rabanes’ in SJdS. In the back of the truck were twelve (12) of his friends.

According to the early police reports, at kilometer marker 118 (in front of Restaurante La Lucha), Báez collided with a taxi, lost control and then crashed head-on into a bus that was on route from Matagalpa - south. All 12 died instantly. As you can imagine, the scene was like a small battlefield.

Sewer System - San Juan del Sur

For once, I really am talking crap!!

The sanitary sewer system of San Juan del Sur was disrupted late last month as the only functioning pump (of two) that had been working for about a year at a capacity of 900 gallons per minute failed. Due to this emergency, the ENACAL (Water Company) office of SJDS took the appropriate decision to install the two new pumps that were not scheduled to be installed until 2011, at the end of the BEFESA/ENACAL 'Lake Pipeline and Wastewater Project'.

More Infrastructure Improvements

Anyone holding property between here and the CR border should be lifted by this news.

Bridges - South of SJdS

Ostional is the major community south of San Juan del Sur and acts as a hub to the southern beaches and communities. As well, it is on the path of the proposed Coastal Road that one day will link San Juan del Sur with the Costa Rica. However, in order for that road to be a reality, a total of five bridges and a lot of drainage work needs to be completed so that the road stays in good condition and unaffected by heavy rains.

National Assembly to Review Abortion Law on "Mother's Life in Danger".

Early days but at least they are listening.



Members of the National Assembly introduced, (in absolute silence), an initiative to reform the Criminal Code and to permit termination of pregnancies in extreme cases.

The MRS Member Monica Baltodano and Liberals Jose Pallais and Luis Callejas, confirmed yesterday that the First Secretary of the National Assembly has the bill.

New Bishop for Granada

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of the Bishop of Granada, Bishop Bernard Hombach (aged 77), and appointed, the current Bishop of Matagalpa, Bishop Jorge Solórzano Pérezas (aged 49) as his replacement.

Hombach leaves under Canon 401 of the Code of Canon Law (A diocesan Bishop who has completed his seventy-fifth year of age is requested to offer his resignation from office to the Supreme Pontiff, who, taking all the circumstances into account, will make provision accordingly.)

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