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Viva Cuba! Viva Castro! Viva Key Wet Pilates!

Worth watching the first couple of minutes just for the cars going by


Digging Up North

Top Iran-Contra figure Oliver North filled in details of story


1972 Managua Fault Line "La Falla del Estadio" is showing Activity...


"Reported an earthquake that is particularly worrying and we wanted to share the information with you all responsibly. An earthquake of 2.2 (degrees) 8 km deep and 2 miles Plaza de Fe/Port Salvador Allende"

Lynnfield Native Missing in Nicaragua


..."A farmer told investigators he saw Colclough walking in a cane field a couple of hours after she left the resort"...

Key Wests Favorite Hang Out

An interesting site, I stumbled across doing some research into...

Nicaragua - After all the investment in infrastructure etc., why is tourism going backwards in $, forward in numbers and can Nicaragua continue to be the Walmart of the region. As a sector, we are making the same money we were 8 years ago ($80 per day then on 650,00 people compared to $40 per day now for 1.2 million people).

That's a negative growth rate when you consider the investment costs, increases in labor, electricity, food costs and taxes, to name but a few line entries. Add in the "Party has moved" fickleness of the customer and its depressing.

Small Hive Beetle Alert

In the municipality of San Juan del Sur, an apiary of 18 hives has been affected by infestation with Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle). Out of 18 hives tested, 17 were positive to adult as well as two larvae of small hive beetles. The beekeepers determined that the hives were weaker and they suspected that this was caused by the presence of the small hive beetle.


What is the OIE? http://www.oie.int/

"The Real Estate Business in Nicaragua is not Regulated, Right?"

As Snopes would say; “Partly true”. There certainly is legislation on the books (and comprehensive legislation it is too!).

Law 602 – Nicaraguan Real Estate Brokerage Law (Ley de Correduría de Bienes Raíces de Nicaragua). However; even though it was published in 2007 in “La Gaceta”, the official government publication that normally makes a law “In effect”, currently the law remains inactive.



Stumbled upon this - Looks like hours of fun for Key West and the like.

Huge New Attraction in Esteli


Yes folks, Burger King has arrived.

"Now estelianos can now enjoy varied from breakfast, lunch and dinner, the unique style of Burger King menu".

"For the more discerning palate there is a line of premium burgers".

There are also combos for kids and who could not miss the traditional Whopper, the flagship product of the company....known worldwide.

Burger King is known for offering its customers "Rico" products, of high quality and freshness...

Country needs to strengthen technical education

Good article on a typical inefficient department (think; the vocational training version of 5 sheets of zinc and a pig) funded by a 2% surcharge on all reported payroll:


Each year around 55,000 graduating high school students from public schools, but only 35,000 are admitted to universities.

INATEC failing.


Is it a dance style, a national food dish or maybe a type of pepper? Or is it an elaborate tale, a part of Nicaraguan folklore and a way of explaining why the lily-white gringo skin can’t deal with the cheap harsh laundry soap that could de-grease an IFA truck?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind… and it’s a very real problem.

Nicaragua's insurance profits up 31.6% in 2013

Nicaragua's insurance profits up 31.6% in 2013

By Business News Americas staff reporter - Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nicaraguan insurers realized profits of US$14.4mn in 2013, up 31.6% from US$10.9mn in 2012, analyst Enrique López Peña said in a report citing figures from banking and financial institutions regulator Siboif.

Total premiums increased 13.5% to US$157mn in 2013 from US$138mn in the previous year.

In 2013 claims rose 5.9% to US$56.4mn from US$53.3mn in 2012.

Wind Map - Nicaragua


Map shows the areas (Rivas) where most of the wind farms are but look at the smaller pockets up in the north west where more local electricity could be generated.

Another Child Pornography Offender Captured

U.S. citizen Cory Michael Papp (or Cory Michael Patt), 37, was arrested at a police checkpoint while traveling in a taxi between San Pedro de Lóvago & Santo in Chontales.

Pap was wanted by Interpol on charges of child pornography.

He had been processed in the State of Oregon in September 2007, and in 2008 was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000.

In Nicaragua, first was arrested for having his expired passport, but after that, police confirmed that he was circulated on an Interpol Red Notice.

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