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Looking for Vanilla orchid.

I would like to purchase a 6 foot to 1 meter vine of Vanilla pompona or Vanilla planifolia to grow and add to my orchid collection. Does anybody know of a vivera or other collector that might have one to sell or trade for a different orchid?

Just pretty words

The national campaign has been going on for awhile to "Live clean, Live healthy, live pretty, and live well" but I have seen no changes in the amount of trash or how the people act to each other. It is normal to see trash flying from the buses when they pass. I thought it was amusing and drew this.

Trash (54K)

I believe lake Apanas has a pollution problem.

Fishermen here have been complaining for more then a year how their catches have been declining. Two years ago a fisherman could catch well over a hundred one pound and up fish. Now they have to fish all day for just eight to ten half pound fish. The fishermen here in the Apanas area close to Jinotega say it is the same for both Tilapia and Guapote though the Tilapia are the most common.

Blue tank cooking gas shortage?

We have not been able to change our empty tank for a full one for the past 3 weeks. I have tried several tiendas that usually exchange the blue bottles but they are still waiting for the local supplier to bring fresh tanks from Managua. No reason why just maybe tomorrow. I hope this does not become a regular problem here in Jinotega. May have to change to tropigas yellow soon.

Malecon, Out of curiosity.

I visited El Malecon and have posted pictures of the place. It does look interesting and has a chance of succeeding with anyone who wants to visit lake Apanas and experience the area. They have built 3 concession stands to sell food and drinks. They also built a bathhouse and observation tower. The beach looks like it is not to steep and they are able to launch boats from it. The owner plans to have boats and guides for hire to take guest to the 5 islands in the area or just to spend time fishing. He also said you could hire a boat as a water taxi.

Got feedback from some friends that visited us here.

Nicaragua just did not make the grade as a tourist destination with some guests we had visit. We had a group of 4 couples come and visit a little while back and their opinion of Nicaragua was not good. The first disappointment for them was the poor service and the poor quality of the rooms at Las Mercedes.

This stinks

I do believe there is a problem in Jinotega. I went to a lawyer and filed a complaint against a business that was breaking a few laws in Jinotega with the police. I had the lawyer check on the complaint after nothing had been down in over a week even waiting for semana santa to be over. The lawyer found out that the complaint had been "erased". I believe I may be correct in saying that police service in Jinotega may be a commodity. I know I will get bashed for posting something negative but this has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Local Disnorte Clowns

Well the power went out today about 11am about usual for our part of Jinotega. Actual about 7 or 8 times a day is usual in Portillo. About noon the local disnorte clowns show up with the intention of moving a pole. They set to work digging a hole and my neighbor informs them they are digging directly over the water companies main water line. Mutt and Jeff continue digging and within five minutes we have a geyser next to our neighbors house and the clowns wondering where the water is coming from. They move another 15 feet down the road and start digging again.

Ley De Extrajeria Nu. 154 Capitulo XIV Arto 71

Just talked to a lawyer here in Jinotega about buying land and he said it was a problem if I did not have a cedula. He had a book printed in 1993 with this law in it. Basically said that before I could enter into any registered contract I would have to show a cedula with my name at the time of finalization. My question is how is it that others here have bought land here.

One and a half years down here.

Well My wife and I have realized that we have been here in Jinotega for one and a half years. We are still renting and are still looking for a nice and tranquil place to build. I am beginning to realize that what we want is not going to be found near Jinotega. The place is just too noisy. The wife and I have also realized that the locals do not like quiet. They constantly have to have some type of sound.

Possible new Ley "Prohibiting foreigners from purchasing property"

I would like to know if there is any truth to this rumor. A friend of mine said that La Prensa had a article last week about Ortega backing a new ley to prohibit foreigners from purchasing property. His reasoning is that foreigners are causing inflated land prices and making it impossible for the average nica to own property.

House Rentals in Jinotega?

Just a quick question. Does anyone know of any house for rent in Jinotega?

Picking up and moving down

Bea and I have decided on Jinotega. Nothing special about Jinotega, it is that we just know a few more people there then in other places in the Nicaraguan highland. I know that I will still have to travel to Esteli' for a decent brie cheese and other parts of the country for other specialty items, but Jinotega will do for now.

Jinotega Travelers Information

This information is from personal experience and is to be considered as one persons opinion.

JINOTEGA Introduction: The purpose for this paper is to assist the English speaking tourist during their visit to Jinotega, Nicaragua

I. Lodging;

I now have tickets!

I now have Air Line tickets for my trip to Nicaragua the first week in April. My wife and I are very excited to be returning and visiting with people we know.

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