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US government humor

Yeah, nothing to do with Nicaragua but it is hard to pass up.

From End the Lie, $6 bn worth of contracts misplaced by State Department.

In one instance, the State Department could not locate files regarding payments to contractors assisting US military forces in Iraq. That incident, one of the “repeated examples of poor contract file administration,” according to the inspector general, included contracts worth $2.1 billion.

It has finally happend

Here you go. A link from me to FOX news. Indirect because I saw it on Activist Post but all it is is a video of a FOX news segment.

Free Crack for All

Afraid to buy crack cocaine for the unemployed? Let's see how various political/economic systems deal with this issue.

With Capitalism there is no free crack. If you want to use crack then you have to come up with the money to buy it. The system, of course, encourages you to use crack because profit is what capitalism is all about. The only kind of government involvement you want is something that will increase your profit.

With Communism, everyone contributes work to acquire crack for the population. Anyone who wants crack receives it for free.

Eating organic in Nicaragua

I expect everyone would prefer eating organically grown food if it was available and cost-effective. In the US most people turn to the government to sort out what is and isn't organic. Nicaragua is a lot more Libertarian. That is, the government lets you, and expects you, to do your own homework. Here is what I have found is a reasonable approach to finding organic food.

TED Talk: Here's How We Take Back the Internet

A new talk from TED 2014 at Whistler, BC. The presenter is Ed Snowden, appearing via robot. The talk is not about who this guy is but about what needs to be done and why.

The talk is available on the TED web site. Sir Tim Berners-Lee was in the audience and was invited up on state to ask Snowden questions.

Did your computer get a virus?

If it did and you are a US taxpayer, it sounds like there is a good chance you paid for it. A rather disturbing article in The Intercept will fill you in on the details.

It will also tell you that if you are one of the unfortunate who has used Facebook that you might have been talking to an NSA server.

Thinking about the Malaysia Air "disappearance"

To me it is surprising there is not more data yet. As I write this an oil slick has been discovered and there have been a couple of items reported from unconfirmed sources:

  • An anonymous pilot or air traffic controller said he heard "mumbled speech" from the plane in question.
  • One article said the emergency locator beacon from the plane was found.

The Great U-turn

I just read an essay titled The Great U-turn by Robert Reich. For us older folks it is a great read. It is about the US that we all grew up in and how that is quite different than the US of today.

Lots of us remember that US and, for some reason, are under the illusion that how things worked for the middle class didn't change. Reich brings us up to date.

Maybe it was the TSA

It was suggested on NL that maybe the Malaysian airline crash was a terrorist attack. While we do now know where the plane went down we don't yet know the cause. But, this morning I read an article that shows one organization that sounds like they are stocking up on supplies. I figured I would share it with you.

Journalistic Independence

(Apparently) Glenn Greenwald just got labeled as a shill for Pierre Omidyar. While it is laughable he did just write a response in The Intercept.

If you question Greenwald's integrity or The Intercept's independence, it is a much read. But it is also much more. It explains the difference between a publisher with an agenda (e.g., Fox News) and real Journalistic Independence.

Narcos and Rainforest Destruction

This is a blog entry, not a forum post because what I have to say is about a marketing campaign rather that the reality on the ground in Central America. That is not to say this is not a problem but it really is a side issue rather than the real problem.

Linux systems in your life

The previous post and comments got me thinking. In spite of the number of Linux isn't anything posts I see (here and elsewhere), I am wondering how many Linux systems each of us depends on every day. I understand that we (that is, Ana, Margarita, Ana's brother, my friend Keith who is visiting and myself) have a more direct connection with Linux that others but that is just one Linux system (each) more than others.

Here are a few more that everyone else is probably using:


This has nothing specific to do with Nicaragua but it addrresses a common problem for Gringos in Nicarragua. I figure it is worth mentioning as I, for one, didn't really realize the potential.

I am talking about a little box called ROKU that combined with a TV and a decent Internet connection can offer a lot of interesting entertainment options. Much of it is free.

New look at wealth distribution

We regularly hear about the 1% and other such indicators of what many people consider an unfair distribution of wealth. Those who disagree tend to play the get a job card. Well, I just read an article that puts this issue in a different light.

From an article in USA Today we find the following:

English <==> Spanish crossword puzzles

This morning Ana was doing a crossword puzzle in Spanish from some magazine. I had this idea: a crossword puzzle where the what it is text is in one language and the puzzle itself is in another. So, I made one for Ana where the list of words/descriptions are in Spanish but she needs to fill in the puzzle in English.

It appears to be a success. For NL members, going the other way probably makes more sense unless they happen to have a Spanish-speaking spouse as I do. If anyone is interested, we could share the puzzles we create.

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